The International Bar Association (IBA)

IBA, headquartered in London, is the largest organisation of lawyers in the world. It brings together individual lawyers, law firms, associations and organisations from all continents.

IBA was established on 17 February 1947 and operates in two sections:

  • Public and Professional Interest Division,
  • Legal Practice Division.

In 1995, IBA Institute for Human Rights was established. Its function is to monitor whether compliance with the rule of law and the fundamental values of the legal profession is ensured in the world.

Moreover, there are around 50 specialised committeees working within IBA. In addition to these committees, various sections and working groups, there is also a number of Regional Fora bringing together lawyers and legal organisations from different continents. The IBA Council meets twice a year, while during the autumn session a week-long round of conferences, seminars, meetings, lectures and working groups in hundreds of fields are organised for lawyers.


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